Media Interviewing...

The best interviews appear to be conversations. But, they are preplanned interactions. Presentational Speaking trains you to pre-plan the interview, to communicate conversationally, to understand your multiple audiences, and to create your best media image.

Common distractions...

THE DR. FRAZIER CRANE LOOK - - The speaker thrusts his chin upward while glancing downward.

“REALLY, I AM AN EXPERT…THE NOTES TELL ME I AM!” - - The speaker lowers her head and reads her answers -- including her name and bio!

A media example...

Each interviewer has his or her own communication technique. For instance, media training for an interview with Charlie Rose must address his style of using a phrase or hestitation as a question. If Rose pauses, that's your signal to respond, even if a question did not seem to be asked. His style can challenge those who are not prepared for it. Preplanning creates powerful media moments. Interview shows, like the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, constantly turn unprepared interviewees into humorus characters.

If you know that you have an important interview opportunity coming up, contact us to create a briefing book and a communication strategy for that interviewer.

Order a Review...

When time or distance does not allow for one-on-one coaching, a PS Personal Skills Assessment is the next best thing. You can request a PSA to analyze a 5-minute segment of an interview. The PSA includes a report analyzing the interview and a 15-minute phone call to discuss key strategies for improving your next interview.

Individual or Group Coaching

Effective training is doing. We put you on your feet practicing techniques that develop your skills as a powerful communicator.

Design Powerful PowerPoints

Too many presentations emphasize information. Replace an outdated info delivery approach with an action perspective. Learn to create powerful speeches.

Speech Writing Seminars

Speech writing and writing are two distinct brain processes. Forcing yourself to write in a style that doesn't match your speaking results in frustration and speech anxiety.


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    Conquer your speech anxiety using our scientifically based techniques.

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