Too many presentations emphasize information. With the release of PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft ™ advised: “Present an idea, not just a slide.” More than a great marketing slogan, this soundbite focuses users on what matters.

    Our PowerPoint Workshop provides an opportunity for speakers to replace an outdated information delivery approach with an action perspective. This small group workshop lasts only 90-minutes; the skills will help you design powerful presentations for a lifetime.

    Design tips...

    Unfortunately, most PowerPoint presentations are designed and used as note cards. If you think of a presentation as telling a story, then PowerPoint slides are like the frames of a comic book. Each frame's image advances the narrative by adding to the action of the previous frame. It's all about the action. Audiences are NOT motivated by information. They are motivated by the impact of the information, the information's value. A powerful storyteller visualizes these impacts using images as arguments.

    The size of an image matters. Size enhances or undermines a visual argument. Large words yell; small words whisper. Too many same-sized words create a monotone. Images that fill the screen are powerful while smaller images constrict the visual impact. This occurs because a framed picture reminds us that we are looking at the picture. It turns us into observers instead of engaging us.

    Let Presentational Speaking transform the way you use this important business tool.

Individual or Group Coaching

Effective training is doing. We put you on your feet practicing techniques that develop your skills as a powerful communicator.

Design Powerful PowerPoints

Too many presentations emphasize information. Replace an outdated info delivery approach with an action perspective. Learn to create powerful speeches.

Speech Writing Seminars

Speech writing and writing are two distinct brain processes. Forcing yourself to write in a style that doesn't match your speaking results in frustration and speech anxiety.


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